Vocal Coach




Caitlin specialises in Singing Coaching and was trained mainly under the Estill Model learning vocal technique, acting through song, and performance skills.

Whether you are preparing for an audition, concert or show, or just singing for fun, Caitlin tailors one-to-one lessons to your individual needs and style, and has a wide and ever-growing repertoire of songs and backing tracks for you to work from. If you have any specific song requests, just ask!

She aims for lessons to be relaxed and fun, and for you to develop your singing craft with confidence and precision. 

Voice lessons

 Voice lessons are also available to work on various skills such as Accent and Articulation, Vocal Health, Projection, Monologues, Speeches, Presentations, or Voice over work. 

Voice lessons can be a huge help to individuals with jobs or roles that demand a lot of speaking and communicating such as teaching, parenting, performing, sales and business roles. Lessons are also useful for foreign speakers who would like to practise sounding more clear and confident in English. If you feel your voice is being damaged or strained by its every day demands, or need help with your delivery for an upcoming presentation, interview or pitch, get in touch! No question is a silly question.

Caitlin is able to use her anatomical knowledge of voice production and the way it relates to work and social settings to guide you in the best way to overcome challenges. She strongly believes the voice is one of the best tools we are given, and to invest time in bringing your own voice to its greatest potential can even be life changing.


All Vocal Lessons are £25 per hour. 

Lessons are held in Caitlin's home, although she can also travel to you upon request and within reasonable distance. 


Students must be at least 8 years old for one-to-one lessons.

For availability and to discuss your individual requirements, please get in contact!

 Singing lessons 

Caitlin is a trained Vocal Coach having gained Grade 8 in Vocals and a Masters Degree in Professional Voice Practise. Throughout her degree Caitlin studied all aspects of the voice such as Vocal Anatomy, Vocal Health, Phonetics , Oral Communications, Accent,  Body & Breath Work, Acting and Singing, and had the opportunity to be trained by highly acclaimed professionals such as Author & Voice Coaches Kristin Linklater and Barbara Housman, and Theatre Director & Composer, Jeremy Sams.